Laser cutting and bending

Máquina láser

Welcome to Vallslaser a Recam Group Company which Was Founded in 1996. We are specialized in manufacture parts. Our range of services goes from initial design to final delivery of finished products.

Vallslaser will cut virtually any shape you could imagine, from prototypes to series, we will put our experience in order to provide the best constructive solution.

Corte con láser

The manufacturing process begins at the technical office, where the idea will be digitized through powerful design software like SolidWorks, then will choose the appropriate type of cutting: laser, waterjet, punching or plate shears. Once we have got the part, we will shaped, machining and pass it through quality control.

Finally will apply a surface treatment: polished, lacquered, zinc, dichromate, anodized ...


Adress: 22 Licoristas street
43800 Valls 
Phone: 977 416 182